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Our Services

At Buildscope Projects, we offer a range of building and construction services to meet our client's needs. We never refuse a job be it big or small.

Custom Homes

We are a specialist custom home builder that take our clients through the complete design and construction process. Whether our clients are after a high-end home or are building on a budget our team can design and construct a home to suit.

buildscope projects custom homes


Building a duplex has become a very popular choice of new home construction in Sydney, whether you are looking at building a duplex as an investment or for the family our expert team can guide you through the design and construction process.

buildscope projects Duplexes

Granny flats

Granny flat construction has skyrocketed in Sydney as it has become a popular investment. Our team can have design and CDC approval ready within 2 weeks and have your granny flat complete within 3 months.

buildscope projects Granny flats


Renovating is a cost-effective way of getting the most out of your old home without knocking down and rebuilding.
Whether you are looking at making your old home look new without the costs of new construction or have a heritage home and do not have the option of knock Down rebuild, our expert team can help breathe new life into your old home.

buildscope projects Renovations


Adding a first-floor addition or ground floor extension can be a tricky process, at Buildscope our team can take you through the complete design and construction process with ease. We can obtain CDC approval within 2 weeks and have complete the addition/extension within 3 months.

buildscope projects Additions - extensions

Building Rectification

Rectifying building defects is a delicate and important process. Whether damage is caused by poor quality of construction, building movement or through storm damage our specialist team will investigate and implement a durable solution to rectify and prevent any further damage.

buildscope projects Building rectification

We follow industry best practices

Bring your dream project in to reality with Buildscope Projects.